1. eSpatial Academy
  2. Course 1 - eMapping
  3. Module 6 – Saving, Sharing and Exporting

Module 6 - Class 2: Importance of sharing your mapping insights

Overview – This class will discuss the benefits of saving and sharing your map

Learning Objectives Understanding the importance of saving, exporting and sharing maps

Saving Maps

Saving your map ensures you have the latest version preserved. Saving copies (using Save as) of your maps allows you to refine your story. You can create multiple scenarios or views with your data. Additionally, saving maps and creating versions of your maps allow you to keep historical changes, allow multiple editions of the same map with various analyses, styling options and areas of emphasis.

Once you have created your map story, you can use the various export and sharing options to collaborate with your team or get your message across.

Sharing Maps

You can share your maps securely with your team so that other team members can view and collaborate on an interactive map to make informed, data driven decisions, leading to increased engagement.

Alternatively, you can create a public link to your map to share with people that do not have login access to eSpatial or for embedding on a website. This allows for greater visibility of your company’s operations, making it easy to search out and identify your locations and effectively communicate information.

Exporting your Map

You can export your map as a static image to insert in a report document or to add to a presentation. Exporting as a PDF allows you to communicate a story using the Map, Table and Chart to make your data easy to understand by visually displaying patterns and outliers.

Exporting your map as a MapBook allows you to build higher quality PowerPoint presentations by making them more understandable and visually compelling